A Foreman is a well rounded individual that is proficient in the duties of all other employees on the site. The Foreman should be capable of jumping in and assisting any employee from Labor 2 to Operator.  In addition, the Foreman is responsible for general jobsite operation and safety. He/she should be extremely organized and level headed, these attributes are key for job success. The Foreman needs to coordinate crew size and operation as well as quality control of all operations performed.  The Foreman must communicate regularly with the Superintendent.  The Foreman is responsible to think at least a day or two ahead to ensure there are no last minute surprises or material shortages. He/she is required to meet with inspectors and do all paperwork as required by the project.

Leadman duties include all duties of the Pipelayer and Laborer.  They are also generally responsible for the crew truck and tools. Occasionally, they may need to pick up parts or tools at supply houses or at our yard.

Equipment Operator
The heavy equipment operator operates a variety of contractor equipment used in construction, maintenance, and repair activities and performs a variety of semi-skilled tasks in the maintenance of light, street and storm drainage systems.  He/she is well versed in the operation and maintenance of a variety of equipment including but not limited to: skiploaders, skidsteers, backhoes, mini-excavators, large excavators, rollers etc.  Operators are required to inspect, grease, fuel, and clean equipment daily.  They are required to inform their Supervisor of the condition and hours on the machine daily.

Pipe Layer
A Pipelayer has all the same duties as Laborer 1 and Laborer 2. This person is extremely proficient in all aspects of pipeline installs and repairs. They should be able to take a small crew of laborers and properly/safely install ANY type of pipe that may be required. This person should have a minimum of 4 years experience.

Laborer 1
General duties include all duties of a Laborer 2.  Additionally, this employee is considered an “advanced laborer”. This employee should understand how to set up a laser, read stakes, grade trench, lay a variety of pipe and work with little direction from the Pipelayer.  This employee should become a “Pipelayer” within 2 to 3 years if hard work and dedication are applied.

PLEASE NOTE: All Laborers are required to have at all times the following items: hardhat, engineering tape measure, torpedo level, safety vest, and a marker or keel.

Laborer 2
This is a general “entry level” position. This employee is responsible for their own safety as well as assisting any other employees with required tasks. These tasks include but are not limited to: general labor, digging thrust blocks, stringing pipe, sweeping streets, help with laying pipe and/or grade trench, learning to cut and bevel pipe and help with cleaning and organize the truck. This employee should become a “Laborer 1” within 2 years if hard work and dedication are applied.

PLEASE NOTE: All Laborers are required to have at all times the following items: hardhat, engineering tape measure, torpedo level, safety vest, and a marker or keel.


Project Manager
The Project Manager’s duties include purchasing materials, verifying materials used including possible overages, assisting in the scheduling of crews based on allocated man hours and communicating any needed changes to the Estimators. They are also required to complete their project billing in conjunction with our accounting department. Project managers also process time and material change orders and pricing for added scope.

Duties include searching for and bidding possible projects. They should be trained in our estimating system and be able to upload plans, do a take-off, obtain material prices and submit to “Senior Estimator” with little or no corrections. This person should be very detailed and well organized.

Office Manager
Primary function of the office manager is to oversee the Accounting functions including Payroll, Billing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Collections, HR functions, Bank reconciliations, deposits, and any other aspect of accounting. Also keeping track of household functions, such as maintenance and facility needs.

The basic function of this position is to assist the office manager.  Primary functions are the following:

  • Answer all incoming phone calls.
  • Collection and distribute all incoming mail.
  • Enter all Accounts payable documents which includes seeking approval from purchasing.
  • Track all vehicles and equipment that belongs to the company using tracking device.
  • Track all gasoline usage to specific job sites.
  • Track all company cell phones and warranties.
  • Order all office supplies-track inventory.
  • Order all company uniforms-track inventory.